Gopal Sundar Lal Kakshapati
(Chairman - The Hidden Treasure)

Chairman’s Message

Beauty can sometimes be acquired but rarely consumed. One cannot only rely on their exterior beauty to sustain themselves. I believe that one can sustain it with their compassion for those around them. This is also the kind of beauty that touches people’s hearts.

The Hidden Treasure is underway to achieve its 22nd edition of Miss Nepal 2017, which is scheduled on June 02, 2017. This year we have had several changes in venues, situations and ideas. However, being an optimistic person I have always believed that changes occur for the better. The foremost change this year has been the main sponsor of the event, Ruslan FM 95.2 A Non-Stop Music FM station. Beside them, we also have other new companies as title sponsors such as Hair N Shanti, Brij Cement Company, Gold Star Shoe Manufacturer, Color Me Beautiful and N-Mag. We are delighted to welcome all of them on board. Moreover, the retained partnership from our previous sponsors has been very encouraging.

Furthermore, I am proud to announce that this year we will be participating in four international pageants with the addition of Miss Asia Pacific International beauty pageant that takes place in the Philippines. We are always determined to provide optimum opportunities to the participants. I hope this new opportunity will facilitate to further globally showcase and promote Nepal in a broader spectrum.

It is my profound pleasure to share that this year we have also been able to create our first international affiliation with United Nepalese Art & Entertainment (UNAE) of Sydney Australia who are the organizer of Mr. and Miss Nepal Oceania in Sydney, Australia. The winner of the pageant will be enrolled in Miss Nepal Pageant after meeting our criteria.

Every year public, media and well wishers we meet ask us about the achievements of the winners in the International pageants. I am very pleased and extremely delighted to mention here that Asmi Shrestha has made us proud by reaching the TOP FIVE in Beauty with Purpose Title in Miss World 2016. Her project - Classroom and Beyond is a fine example of how a Nepalese youth can exhibit such a mega project of rebuilding a school damaged by the earthquake and fulfill aspirations of the children. Moreover, Roshani Khatri was the winner of Resort Wear in Miss Earth, and Barsha Lekhi was the winner of Missosology in Miss International. All of them performed creditably well and I have confidence that you all will unite with me to applaud them for their outstanding performances.

The Hidden Treasure is diversifying from pageants to other events as well. We have ventured into a professional training program with our Personality Development Course. This year we have already completed three batches and have started enrollment of students for the fourth one. It is very encouraging for us that the students are satisfied with the course layout and the value it has brought to them. We hope such endeavors of our company will assist in developing the talents of the youth in Nepal.

Another addition in the company this year is the initiation of a musical event tilted ABIRAL YATRA. The primary motto is to honor the living legends of the Nepalese musical fraternity. We plan to continue organizing such events dedicated to lyrists, musicians and singers. Our first event was dedicated to a very well known and iconic lyrist Mr. Yadav Kharel, who has composed over thousand songs and other literatures. The event was called Abiral Yatra 2073- Yadav Kharel. A book was also published as his biography. Also for the first time in the musical history of Nepal, we paid the royalty to Music Royalty Collection Society Nepal (MRCSN) for the rights to perform his songs on the stage. Our mission is to preserve and take the Nepali music legends to greater heights.

Training is the heart and soul of Miss Nepal, and this year too we had an extensive six-week training program. This time we further modified the modality of training by beginning with a three days closed camps that focused on various subjects. All the trainings have been very fruitful. I would like to thank Mr. Mahesh Dahal, Executive Chairman of Nepal Television for the training he provided to all the participants in Dhulikhel. Additionally, the three days visit to Chitwan (Sauraha) was an exciting experience for the participants as they had the opportunity to learn about wildlife conservation, climate changes and community forestry, and of course enjoying the safari activities, for which I would like to extend my gratitude to Nepal Trust for Nature Conservation (NTNC). Besides, we have had multiple guest speakers, trainers during the entire training period for which I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation.

Finally the wait is over and we are ready to present you the most awaited and glamorous National Pageant “The Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2017” proudly presented by Ruslan 95.2 FM, powered by Gionee Mobile and many others of our partners and sponsors at Hotel Annapurna, our partner hotel. I on behalf of The Hidden Treasure family would like to extend my deep appreciation and sincere thanks to all our hosts of sponsors, institutions, media, airlines, hospitality partners, trainers, speakers, parents, press, service provider and the public. This has been a fine example of a group dynamism working in unison.

Gopal Sundar Lal Kakshapati
The Hidden Treasure



Chairman’s Message
Beauty can sometimes be acquired but rarely consumed. One cannot only rely on their exterior beauty to sustain themselves. I believe that one can sustain it with their compassion for those around them. This is... Read More»
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