“Miss Nepal 2011, honestly, didn’t happen because of luck, but the hard work and determination paid off. I was excited but at the same time nervousness along with the fear of losing the title was always there. I knew convincing my parents would be next impossible thing to do so I did enter the battlefield all alone where there were other beautiful and talented warriors. Trainings are always very tiresome, hectic and sometimes boring too but on the other side there was always something new and vital to learn everyday. I must be thankful to the fruitful lectures who have given some vital insights of life. I still remember Ranjit Acharya saying “Play to win, not to defeat others” to all the contestants. And those lines became my success mantra.

Having faith and believing in me was my biggest strength. And finally even the judges believed in it. Interviews, photo shoots, projects, events, appearances, endorsements, appreciations, felicitations and of course criticisms were all over me. I was like “Welcome to the Celeb life”. It definitely took time for me to adjust the new life as it changed so fast i.e. in an hour.

Literally, the crown was heavy. The responsibilities that came along the title and the crown were much heavier. Although, the reign I had was the shortest one but the most interesting part of being a Miss Nepal is “Once a Miss Nepal always a Miss Nepal.” And having the shortest reign, I didn’t miss anything. I learnt and experienced almost everything what I had to. Every little thing that was related to Miss Nepal is special and memorable to me. And how can I forget to thank WWF Nepal for showing me the real Nepal with the problems and the solutions and of-course broadening the horizon of knowledge. I learnt about the problems and challenges faced by Nepal. They showed me the closer view and real picture of Nepal. Getting an opportunity to meet the community people and interacting with them was also kind of an experience. Listening to their views and ideas really made me feel good. Also, meeting with the ecoclub students were very fruitful. They taught me about the garbage management. How efficiently garbages can be effectively utilized to make a school bag. I felt that our environment is in the safest hands. I met numerous people in my tenure. Few were good, few very good and few not so good but there was always something to learn from them.

As soon as it happened, the preparation for Miss World started. With all excitements and hopes, I was all set and prepared for Miss World 2011. Although far from home, alone for the first time brought a scary feeling in me, but the experience I had was totally worthwhile in the end. When I was flying up above the Heathrow, London, The clouds and the sky felt different. It was not even five minutes that I have reached Hotel Sofitel, Heathrow, London (my first destination); I was called for the audition for the traditional dance with the costumes on and the ornaments. Tired and exhausted after twenty hours of flight and six hours of transit did not let me down because this was much more important. Getting ready in five minutes time with all those ornaments and costumes was kind of an experience. Fortunately, after my performance the judges smiled at me and said, “I like your smile, very genuine”.

The very next day I found that I am among the top 10 finalists to perform in traditional dance. This brought a kind of hope, enthusiasm, excitement and more confidence in me. Every other moment I could only see a vision of my countrymen waving my country’s flag with lot of hope. During the pre-event, we visited lot of places including Edinburgh, Scotland, London Eye and sightseeing tour of London. Scotland was like a fairyland and London was very beautiful but there was not a single day that I haven’t missed my country and my countrymen. Everyday I used to realize and think why we see problems in our country, why don’t they see it as an opportunity. Just a united hand of Nepalese and a tolerance to bring and accept change can do wonders regarding the development of the country.

They announced the judging criteria after these four preliminary rounds were over. The judging criteria were different this year. The 20 semifinalists for each criterion got an extra 5 points for the finale. I almost lost hope and was tired giving my best facing each and every challenge that came along. Then, Mrs. Julia Morley, the chairman of Miss World Organization announced 15 finalists for the last criteria i.e. Beauty with the purpose in the charity dinner where Nepal was also one of them. Beauty with the purpose was an important criterion as this criterion carried 10 points compared to 5 points for other criteria. Eventually, 15 more finalists were added and top 30 were declared. This was one of my happiest moments of Miss World Journey.

Miss world was a dream and still is a dream. There were bitter as well as best experience I had in 20 days during Miss World 2011. To be honest there were times when I wanted to cry out loud in my heart but always had to give a pleasing smile for the world, I guess this implies to a human’s life too. I can’t bring back those precious moments but the memories and quality friends will be there forever. The moment when I was performing on the stage on “Makhmali Cholo” still makes me proud to have been able to perform on one of the world’s biggest platforms. You won’t believe but I can still picture all the 112 contestants standing still in their ‘Namaste’ posture. It felt as if the whole world was saluting and greeting my country and I am sure all the Nepalese watching it felt the same. This is no doubt going to be one of the best experiences in my whole life. With my experience in the Miss World 2011, I don’t think bringing Miss World to Nepal is impossible.

I would like to wish all the best to upcoming Miss Nepals in the future to prepare themselves mentally and physically for international pageants. What I did was just a small step to reach the blue crown. There are lot of potentials and lot of capabilities in Nepali beauties and Miss World is one of the platforms to explore everything what you have in you. Just be yourself, believe in yourself. Having faith, confidence and self motivation will definitely take you to your destiny. 

Malina Joshi, as a person is still the same, an ordinary and a simple human being but yes more confident, patient and a stronger person. I am glad and feel fortunate to make 112 friends from different part of the world and learned so much from them. Yes I am disappointed but not depressed because I believe whatever happens, happens for the good. May be Miss World 2011 wasn’t my destiny, may be something better is in store for me. Everyday it has been a new day – a learning day with lot of aspirations, dreams and hopes and with the drive to achieve more. It is a huge achievement for me to be one of the Miss Nepal amongst the 16 Miss Nepals and hang the portrait of mine in the hidden treasure office which will remain there forever. All in all, huge votes of thanks to hidden treasure for creating a platform like Miss Nepal and creating womanhood in every girl out there.